Stories Of Change

Transforming Lives of Indian Youth

Youth Resource Centre

Anish, a 15-year-old 9th grader, once indifferent towards studies, embarked on a transformative journey. His academic performance was lacklustre, and he struggled to find motivation and purpose in his education. However, Anish's life took a transformative turn- when his enthusiasm for learning was reignited. He began to set specific goals and devote concentrated time to his studies and used to ask his teachers for assistance and created a positive learning environment. Gradually, his grades improved, and he enjoyed the rush of learning new things. His parents and teachers applauded his commitment. Beyond academics, Anish had a shift that boosted his self-esteem and motivated his aspirational professional goals His change in behaviour was a tribute to the strength of will and a change of perspective, showing that anyone, at any age, may change their life by having a passion for learning.