Our Impact

Aligned With UN Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

United Way Delhi’s thematic domains are aligned with sustainable development goals through systematic interventions at different levels. We believe in creating synergies between the goals to contribute towards the objectives pertaining to the outlines laid by United Nations.


Embrace positive change with UWD’s ESG initiative, making a lasting impact by promoting environmental, social, and governance sustainability. Your support fuels a brighter future for communities and the planet. Plantations, waterbody rejuvenation, solar electrifications etc. are done with good governance and inclusive approach towards communities for sustainable future.

Environmental Sustainability:

Tree Plantation Initiatives: United Way Delhi initiates in tree plantation drives in urban and rural areas to promote green cover. Waste Management Programs: We engage in waste management, including recycling and waste reduction, to minimize the environmental impact of waste disposal. Clean Energy Promotion: United Way Delhi supports and advocates for the use of clean and renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions. Solar projects etc.

Social Sustainability

Education for All: UWD is committed to improving access to quality education, especially for underprivileged children, to bridge social gaps. Healthcare Initiatives: United Way Delhi runs healthcare programs that provide medical support to marginalized communities, ensuring better health outcomes. Women Empowerment: UWD believes in promotion of gender equality and women's empowerment through skill development and entrepreneurship programs.

Governance Sustainability

Transparency and Accountability: United Way Delhi maintains basic standards of governance, ensuring transparency in financial transactions and decision-making processes. Community Engagement: We involve local communities in the decision-making process and seek their input to ensure that their needs and concerns are addressed effectively. Advocacy for Policy Change: The organization actively advocates for policies and regulations that promote social equality, environmental protection, and ethical practices.