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Bombay Scottish School's Eco-Friendly Odyssey with IGBC Green Your School Programme

“Global warming and climate change have come up in school books, projects, and workshops everywhere - so our affiliated teacher, Ms. Heena Siddiqui, wanted students from Grades 8 and 9 to take part in the IGBC Green Your School Programme. Our school has tried to be sustainable over the years but the IGBC Green Your School Programme motivated us and gave us the much-needed push on its 25th anniversary to go to the extremist means with our limited resources and make our school eco-friendlier.” These are the words of Prisha Singh, one of the three students from the team participating and representing Bombay Scottish School at the IGBC GYS School Program.

Their journey from an urban school amidst the busy city of Mumbai with confined outdoor space didn’t pose a challenge, instead, it harboured them to address more innovative concepts. IGBC has had a huge impact on almost every aspect of the school because both the upper grades and lower grades were involved. The higher classes worked on it actively and the lower classes participated in the workshops organized by them. At present, they aim to bring the school together as one unit working for the eco-friendly development of the institution.