Stories Of Change

A Commitment towards Educating the Young

Mr. Kripal Singh, a Headmaster in his school, continues to teach his students as a Mathematics Teacher despite his increased responsibilities. His dedication and commitment towards educating children and placing efforts for their growth and well-being is noteworthy. As an educator, he utilises effective tools of learning such as visual representations, hands-on activities, real-life experiences etc. to make Maths more interesting and engaging for his students. Additionally, as he is responsible for the majority of the school’s operations as the Headmaster, he strictly ensures quality education is provided by the teaching faculty and the school environment is clean and safe. He closely works with his faculty staff to strategize innovative teaching measures to be implemented during classes for attaining a better level of understanding and learning for the students, especially for ones who struggle academically as well as emotionally.


Under his leadership, the school has seen significant improvement in student’s achievements and the overall school performance. Numerous awards and recognition has been received by the School for excellence in education. Mr. Singh believes that every child deserves quality education and the best possible learning opportunities. His dedication and hard work serves as inspiration to his students, colleagues and the entire community.