Delhi Riots 2020

On 23rd of February, 2020, violence broke out in the North East region of Delhi which escalated over time.

As a result of the violence, 50+ deaths have been confirmed so far, including the death of a police officer, with over 1000+ physically injured and thousand other families put to mental trauma.

Areas affected

Current Situation

Damage to property, especially shops, street-vendors and religious sites has been noted.

Families displaced due to damage/burnt houses, devoid of any belongings.

Schools in the riot hit area damaged and burnt.

Displaced families either staying at the government’s night shelter turned relief camps/ stranger’s homes, makeshift shelter spaces at religious sites including Gurudwaras and Masjids.

Observations indicate high chances of trauma among children, survivors

Families lack basic means to restore livelihoods.

Poor/absence of sanitation facilities on ground

Proposed Intervention on the basis of rapid assessment

Emergency Response
  • Assisting the riot hit families with basic essentials, Women Dignity Kit, Men Dignity kit and Kid Dignity Kit
  • Arranging make-shift recreational spaces for children at the shelter camps/ riot hit areas, facilitating recreational kits for children
  • Medical camps
  • Immediate psychosocial Support
  • Makeshift schools
  • Sanitation and drinking water facilities

Restoring Educational Institutions, Infrastructure
  • School Infrastructural support
  • Rebuilding damaged computer labs
  • Rebuilding damaged libraries
  • Helping establish counselling modules in school
  • Educational Material
Rehabilitation, restoring livelihood
  • Helping riot survivors with means of livelihood
  • Re-establishing trade opportunities
  • Putting markets to function (push carts, etc.)
  • Encouraging Micro entrepreneurship ventures
Psychosocial support for post riot stress and trauma
  • Psychosocial support for survivors
  • Trust building therapies towards communal harmony
  • Counselling centers in the community
  • Education related assistance
  • Scholarships for higher education for children in the riot affected areas