The second wave of Covid is impacting India, and it is difficult to sit on the sidelines not being able to help. With over 350,000 positive cases reported EVERY DAY, India needs a lending hand from me, you, all of us.

India needs oxygen concentrators and other lifesaving equipment right now. The need is massive!
Lend A Hand is a partnership between Asian Americans in CT and The United Way. All donations (less 5% for fixed costs) made through our site will go directly to procure oxygen concentrators, ventilators, oximeter, and other such requirements. Reconstructing India will be an essential part of this project once the curve flattens.


United way has needs identified where help is needed. This initiative will be run with total transparency. No money will be given to any organization. Instead, your funds will be used to purchase equipment and only equipment will be directly delivered to a facility. Whether you give $5 or $5,000, be rest assured the funds will be used to help the needy who cannot afford care and equipment. All your donations are qualified for tax deductions. Help us save the lives of our people by contributing your bit.

Let’s stand #UnitedAgainstCovid19