United Against Covid-19


As the nation continues to fight coronavirus, people need your support now more than ever. Even the smallest contribution can help save a life! 


Hospital & Covid Care Center Support

The existing medical infrastructure in the country is under a lot of pressure. Help us in meeting the evolving need for oxygen-related supplies including O2 concentrators, cylinders, and equipment including testing machines, ECG, Bi Pap machine, and more. at the hospitals and the special covid care centers.


Vaccination Drive Support

The Indian government in April announced eased vaccination norms. Support us as we initiate a multi-city vaccination and mobilization drive in collaboration with the government to ensure the safety of people in India. 


Frontline Workers’ Support

As our brave frontline workers continue to work on the ground in difficult conditions, support us in facilitating protective gear, supplies, and other essentials required to help protect the frontline workers and add ease in their line of duty.


Migrant Laborer Families’ Support

Due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdown, economic activity other than essential services has come to a halt, affecting the livelihoods of thousands of migrant laborers. Support us in helping the families of migrant laborers with a family essentials kit (dry ration and hygiene supplies).


Digital Education Support Package

A fair section of the government-school-going children is facing difficulties in continuing their education due to lack of access to digital devices, internet connection. Support us in ensuring no children experiences a setback in pursuing education because of the lack of digital devices.

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