The outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe has halted lives. The situation in India worsens as the number of cases keep on increasing. The communities plays a crucial role by coming together in these tough times of crises to support each other to fulfil the needs and upgrading the system to prevent the contamination of Coronavirus.

United Way Delhi impacted over 15 lakh people from different walks of lives. We are supporting public hospitals with high-end medical apparatuses, frontline workers and community by providing digital literacy devices like Google Nest, protective gears, grocery and sanitation kits, and upgrading Primary Health Care Centres (PHCs) in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities of Uttarakhand to ease the load of prominent medical centres and make a well equipped PHCs accessible in the vicinity.

With the support from corporate and NGO partners, United Way Delhi has been reaching out to nooks and corners of Delhi NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu and Pune.



Strengthening our healthcare system is the need of the hour. United Way Delhi, under its Covid-19 response has supported Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital, LNJP Hospital, Safdarjung Hospital, and Gurugram Civil Hospital with ventilators, PCR machines, ICU beds, X-Ray machines, and centrifugal machines among other hospital essentials. We also aim at upgrading Covid-19 testing ecosystem and establishing a vaccine value chain aligned with the government.

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Our brave frontline workers are tirelessly working to provide services to the communities during the ongoing pandemic. With an aim to uplift their conditions, United Way Delhi has been supporting them with essentials such as PPE kits, protective gears, and grocery & sanitation kits. We further aim at supporting the frontline workers with mental and emotional wellbeing therapies and consultations, insurance coverage for them and their family members and identifying Covid warriors working at the grassroots level for their exemplary contribution in fighting the virus.

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Rural areas in India are not well equipped to meet the challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic. In order to support the healthcare centers, United Way Delhi has been upgrading PHCs in tier-2 and tier-3 cities of Uttarakhand by facilitating access to the required medical apparatuses, ensuring training of field workers and medical staff to operate in the situation of emergency, setting up the isolation wards, and mobilizing communities to prevent the disease. We further aim to strengthen the first line of medical care, i.e. Primary Health Centers in other states of India as well.

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Children belonging to underprivileged households have been struggling to keep up with their education due to the lack of resources such as a functional digital device and internet connectivity. As education is transitioning virtually, United Way Delhi works to ensure their right to education by facilitating access to digital devices such as Google Nest and Jio. We aim to continue supporting the education of school-going children of frontline workers through providing access to digital equipment such as laptop/tablet, Educational Bundles, and Internet Connection.

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Covid-19 pandemic affected severely the community members belonging to financially vulnerable backgrounds. As daily wage workers and migrants lost their source of income, United Way Delhi supported their livelihood with Covid-19 prevention kits comprising of masks, sanitizers, gloves, grocery kits, and sanitation products for households in communities including Basti Khwaza Meer Dard, slums near LNJP Colony, Jama Masjid, Sultanpuri, Khora, Badhshapur, Rampura and more. Further to ensuring their protection from Covid-19, we aim to re-establish their livelihood and enable them to achieve financial stability through our livelihood support package.

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