Poonam Devi

My name is Poonam Devi and I am 32 years old. I belong to Kainur, Biha and have been living in Chakkarpur for the past many years working as a helper in a cosmetic shop.Poonam-Devi I had attempted to open a bank account in the nearby banks but could not succeed since the bank demanded local identity proof for opening an account.

One day, I came in contact with the PEHAL (Community Development Project) team and they introduced me to the Resource and Service Centre. Then Mr. Rajesh Kumar Saini, the Resource and Service Centre staff explained me the process of getting a bank account opened. First, he filled the PAN card enrollment form on my behalf following which a month later, I received my PAN cards. Then I applied for opening a bank account in Union Bank of India at Chakkarpur and by the assistance of PEHAL team I was able to open the account. Currently, I have saved INR 4000/- from my income which is deposited in the account. I really appreciate the efforts of the project PEHAL and Humana People to People India and want to thank them for all the support.