My name is Mantosh and I am 14 years old. Before joining the Step Up center, I used to roam around the streets with my friends. Due to the lack of official documents such as the birth certificate, I was not admitted into the government school. While I was involved in work with my family one day, I came in contact with project team. MantoshThe teachers at the Step Up centre mobilised my parents to get me admitted for the step Up program. During my first day at the centre I felt embarrassed because I was younger than the other children. But teachers encouraged me to continue my education at the centre. After some time my interest developed much more towards getting education and I realized that education could change my life.

Following the enrolment, I was very regular with my attendance and I try to participate in most of the activities organized at the centre. Activity based learning interests me most at the center and I feel that it is easier to understand and memorize the things this way. Students are organized in trios through which they assist each other in completing their respective tasks. Thematic weeks give me the opportunity to learn different aspects of life and promotes both theoretical as well as practical learnings.

The teachers at the Step Up Centre are very supportive as they take the studies and activities seriously and make all efforts to explain every task assigned. My academics has improved to a greater extent and I have also enhanced my debating skills. Following the program, the teachers at the centre also helped me getting admitted to 5th standard in the Government Primary School of Sushant Lok.

I am very thankful to the staff of the project for giving me an opportunity to be the part of this educational programme.