The Desk Donation Campaign is United Way Delhi’s initiative to provide children from marginalized communities, their basic right to sit comfortably and participate effectively in the learning process.

Lakhs of children in Delhi NCR have to sit on floor for 6 hours at stretch in any given weather and concentrate on classroom teaching. Besides lack of concentration for many children, postural issues also effect the students.

The campaign is part of UWD’s School Support program and generously supported by various corporate donors through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Over the last couple of years, UWD has been able to provide a comfortable dignified seating space to more than 12000+ children from marginalized communities across 30+ government schools. The dual desks provisioned by UWD are made of Marandi Wood and seat two children at a time thus benefiting four children in the double shift school.

Larger Impact of Desk Donation Campaign

  • Better handwriting
  • Better concentration
  • Better Attention
  • Better Response
  • Better Learning
  • No backache
  • Straight posture
  • No headaches
  • Better Education
  • During winters, no more sitting on cold floor
  • Teachers observe remarkable improvement amongst students.
  • Corporate donors work hand–in-hand with the Govt. education department to improve the standards of education in Delhi NCR.
  • Students overwhelmingly welcome the new desks. It has greatly impacted on their studies and health.

UWD’s School Support Program (SSP)
School Support Program, is a comprehensive program initiated by UWD in consultation and approval of local government authorities to provide support to government schools so that they can improve overall learning experience and outcomes. The thrust of the program is to develop better infrastructure, sanitation, teaching\ learning support for teachers and working on strengthening students and parents\ SMC engagement thereby creating a better learning environment for them. Various activities and workshops are organized in these schools from time to time for holistic development of students.

Call to action:
If you want to donate Dual Desks to school, please click here to visit the donations page and make your contribution.