Case Study II - Livelihood

I am Pallavi and I am 12 years of age. We are 5 member family that includes me and my parents and my two brothers. My father’s name is Proshotam Das and my mother’s name is Meethu Das. PallaviMy parents work as housekeepers in the nearby apartments and shop. My brothers don’t go to school and never contributes to the family income. We migrated to Chakarpur from West Bengal since long when my father came here in search of work and better livelihood.

One day, teachers from NGO Partner came to our locality during one of the mobilization drives and oriented my parents on the importance of education and insisted them to enrol me in their centre. They were providing free-of cost basic education. After discussing about the timings and assessing the approachability to the centre, I got enrolled under their PEHAL girl initiative.

I was feeling nervous initially since I have never been to school but the teachers and the general ambience of the centre made me comfortable. Here I got an opportunity to explore my hidden talents such as drawing, singing, dancing, etc.