Case Study 1 - Livelihood

Sadanand Nagbakshi, is a 28 year old man. He and his siblings migrated with his mother to Chakkarpur after his father’s death when he was only 5 years of age. Being a migrant, him and his family went through all sorts of odds but he managed to continue study and take care of his three siblings. SadanandGradually as he grew up he took up driving auto rickshaw to meet the daily needs of his family. His aspirations were different. He really wanted to achieve heights in life and provide a better standard of living to his family.

So one fine day, he got to know about the livelihood enhancement program and visited the center for more information. He got inspired by the BPO course and decided to take admission. Sadanand being a very sincere and focused learner quickly picked up the course and one could observe remarkable changes in his personality and confidence level. He has completed the course and now undergoing interview process. He has cleared the first round of interview with Intelnet Global and is awaiting 2nd round call.