Archana Gain, Member Women Health CLub

My name is Archana Gain. I am from West Bengal. I have been staying in Chakkarpur for the past 15 years. I work as a domestic help in the nearby residential societies. Due to poor economic condition, we live in slums, where due to lack of proper basic facilities and unhygienic conditions, many people get sick often and a large number of children regularly fall sick.Archana The lack of safe drinking water facilitates lead to the spread of water borne diseases.

I have been connected with Humana People to People India’s Community Development Project, Gurgaon since 2013. One day, during the mobilization drives, the productive unit staff told me about the various initiatives of the project and encouraged me to join the Women Health Club. I understood the benefits of becoming a health club member and motivated few other women from my neighborhood to join the club and all members of club recommended me as the president of the club. Through the group activities and discussions, within a short period of time, I have gained a huge amount of knowledge on personal hygiene, cleanliness and other health issues. Every month our club organises meetings which are led by me together with the project unit staff that gives me lot of self-confidence. I have greater awareness of my rights now and a new found confidence and freedom to make decisions that affect my life positively and improve my and my family’s health.

I also joined the women’s literacy classes, which was run by the project which helped me to read, write, and speak confidently. I have gained information on the benefits of opening a bank account and saving money. The project also helped in mainstreaming my child into a formal school, which I always wanted, but I was turned back from the schools due to lack of documents.

I also learnt stitching through the tailoring course that was organized by the project. I purchased my own sewing machine by saving money from my income. I have started stitching at my home now and have been able to assist my family in income generation. I am recognized in my community as a role model for the community and now I work together with the neighborhood to create development and brig about changes in the life conditions of the community. I work together with lot of people for taking collective responsibility and dealing with issues of concern which might change the lives of the people in a better way. I am extremely thankful to the project PEHAL team and Humana People to People India for giving me an opportunity to improve my life.